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5-11 August 2018The fourth annual Grail conference will take place in southern Germany, exploring the Grail connections there. Central to this exploration is Rudolf Steiner’s indication: “Southern Germany should have become the new Grail castle of the new spiritual knights and [thereby] the cradle of future events. The personalities whom we know as Goethe, Schiller, Hölderlin, Herder, and so on, had prepared the spiritual space well. Kaspar Hauser should have gathered around him all those who lived in this well-prepared spiritual space.”

As Kaspar Hauser in a spiritual communication to Estelle Isaacson on July 2, 2009, indicated: “You have great spiritual protection because of the childlike forces, which are streaming into you. Spiritually, children have an added measure of spiritual protection. When people are baptized in a proper way they are given extra spiritual protection because a part of them is truly being made new; they have the opportunity to connect to their childlike forces and become as a little child who deserves the kingdom of God. And I, the being who was Kasper Hauser, am an inspiration for the sacrament of baptism. I am the one who escorts the childlike forces—forces which belong to each soul who receives true baptism. This is my work, for my heart is with the being of each soul who has not fallen, and I care for this aspect of the soul. I work to maintain the purity and innocence of those forces when they are called up to enter into the soul of any human being, such as you have experienced. And so I assist you in keeping this childlike part of you innocent and pure and safe and protected.” This indication can be seen in relation to Rudolf Steiner’s statement about Parsifal, the Grail king, representing the pure “I”.

As well as entering into the deep and profound Grail mysteries connected with Kaspar Hauser, we shall also make excursions to Grail sites located in the area. The week of this fourth Grail conference with Estelle Isaacson and Robert Powell will begin with arrival on the afternoon of Sunday, August 5, 2018 in time for dinner at 7 pm followed by an introduction to the week, which will end with departure after breakfast on Saturday, August 11, 2018. This Grail conference will take place in the Sophia Hall (“Sophiensaal”), Herzogstrasse 5a, 86981 Kinsau, Germany. The focus in cosmic dance will be the Mystery of Gologotha—how to enter into this Mystery through music and movement—with musical accompaniment by Russian pianist Alla Fastovskaya. A flyer giving further details of this Grail conference will be posted on the website of the Sophia Foundation (www.sophiafoundation.org). Accommodation is limited, so early registration for this conference is recommended. Contact: Doris Wolf, Badestrasse 23, 20148 Hamburg, Germany. Tel: +49-172-6613437. Email: doxewo@gmail.com

Italian participants contact : Uberta Sebregondi, Via della Fonte di Fauno 20, 00153 Roma, Italia.Tel: +39-06-86904627 / Mobile: +39-335-6749935   

Email: usebregondi@gmail.com


12-19 August 2018: The Hebrew Alphabet & the Tree of Life—The 10 Sephiroth and the 22 Paths of Wisdom corresponding to the 22 Major Arcana of the Tarot—the School of Sophia”—One week workshop with the Shambhala Path (Sacred Dance) and Overview of Stars & Planets in 2018. Central to the Shambhala Path is working with the Lord’s Prayer in relation to the Tree of Life. Estelle Isaacson is planning to attend this workshop. She will present contributions to the theme when appropriate.

Musical accompaniment by violinist Vitale Cotofana. One week Sophia workshop at Casa di Spiritualità Oasi Sacro Cuore in Assisi, Italy—http://www.oasisacrocuoreassisi.com/—House of Spirituality: Sacred Heart Oasis. Arrival on August 12 for dinner at 7:00 pm; departure on August 19 after breakfast.    (English/German with Italian translation) Information: Uberta Sebregondi Tel: +39-06-86904627 / Mobile: +39-335-6749935

Email: usebregondi@gmail.com


19-24 August 2018: “Attuning to the Stars: Star Gazing as a Spiritual Path”

4½-day workshop with Choreocosmos and Star Mysteries—

“As above, so below”—This year the workshop will be focused on “The Great Teachers of Humanity” (English/German with Italian translation)

Musical accompaniment by violinist Vitale Cotofana.

One week workshop at Titignano, east of Orvieto, south-west of Assisi—accommodation and full board at Castle Titignano retreat center.

Arrival on 19 August for dinner at 7:00 pm; departure on 24 August after breakfast. Information: Uberta Sebregondi, Tel: +39-06-86904627 /

Mobile: +39-335-6749935—Email: usebregondi@gmail.com


25-31 August 2018:  “Choreocosmos: International Week” in the spa hotel

“Casa di Salute—Raphael” in Roncegno near Trient/Trento, Italy

“The Ascent of the Soul through the Planetary Spheres in the Life after Death and the Journey of the Soul into Incarnation”—with Italian concert pianist Fabio Berellini. 17th graduation of the Choreocosmos Schoolfor Cosmic & Sacred Dance. Arrival on 25 August for dinner at 7:00 PM; departure on 31 August after breakfast(English/German with Italian translation)

Information: Sally Ellis-Jones, Tel: +39-0461-724893 / +39-3482-106251 Email: sally.ellis.jones@gmail.com


31 August-2 September 2018: “Choreocosmos Graduates Meeting” in the spa hotel “Casa di Salute—Raphael” in Roncegno near Trient/Trento, Italy “Foundations of Choreocosmos: A Spiritual Path Arising from Eurythmy—The School of Christ & Sophia” (English/German with Italian translation)

The focus in cosmic dance will be on a new way of working with the Foundation Stone Meditation—with musical accompaniment by Italian concert pianist Fabio Berellini (Cosmic and Sacred Dance)

Information: Sally Ellis-Jones, Tel: +39-0461-724893 / +39-3482-106251 Email: sally.ellis.jones@gmail.com



Further Information English: www.sophiafoundation.org > Courses & Events

At this website the workshops and events taking place in the United States under the auspices of the Sophia Foundation are to be found as well as Robert Powell’s workshops in Europe indicated above

Sophia Foundation—Email: sophia@sophiafoundation.org


Für weitere Informationen in deutscher Sprache: www.choreocosmos.info           Email: katherine@choreocosmos.info